Our approach is relaxed and intuitive; our attitude is down to earth.
We work with an awareness of fashion but do our best to deliver hair that is uncontrived and easy to maintain. shibui is all about understanding and appreciating the true characteristics of your hair. We embrace the imperfections and variables that make us all unique.

The word shibui is Japanese, relating to an aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty.
shibui is craftsmanship that is beautiful by being understated and what it is meant to be, without needing elaboration.

Our services and prices are listed below.




shibui cutters prefer to work with the hair in its natural state, to ensure that both the cutter and client can see the outcome realistically for ease of management beyond the salon chair.

We have our own distinct method of blow drying which suits our simple aesthetic and hair care principals. We describe this as a low fuss shibui blow dry finish. 


Feel like something more polished? See our ‘dressed hair‘ options below.








Please note that shibui also offers the following discounts on hair cut pricing for children, tweens and teens:

» Under tween (1-5 years): 35% discount
» Tween (6-12 years): 25% discount
» Teen (13-19 years): 20% discount



simon farrelly
cut with a shibui blow dry finish

brent barber
cut with a shibui blow dry finish
frankie collard
cut with a shibui blow dry finish
elisa de grandis
cut with a shibui blow dry finish
understudy cutter    N/A




shibui colourists are renowned for using subtle placement to create an impact. Their aim is to appropriate colour to best suit your natural hair, skin and eye tone.

Pricing is based on the amount of colour product required (determined by the amount of hair you have and the technique used) and the application time needed to achieve the result. All colour services include a complimentary low fuss shibui blow dry finish





laura brand
base coat colour application
combination colour application
highlight or painting application 
(additional $35 for exceptionally long or thick hair)
$180.00 to $210.00
$260.00 to $290.00
$250.00 to $300.00
shaun clarke
non permanent colour application
base coat colour application
combination colour application
highlight or painting application

from $150
$130.00 to $195.00
$230.00 to $260.00
$230.00 to $300.00
jordy bennett
steph yanon
non permanent colour application
with a second application
base coat colour application
combination colour application
highlight or painting application


from $130
$180.00 to $295.00
$170.00 to $200.00
$210.00 to $240.00
$180.00 to $270.00




Certain colour services require a top coat application after the initial colour for added tone & condition. If cost is an issue please discuss this with your colourist.

balance & shine   $55.00
express toner   $45.00 
blonde wash   $70.00
root lift with balance & shine   $90.00




The condition of your hair is best managed from home, using prescribed hair care products and adopting kind styling practices. However permanent colour, particularly lightening colour, can compromise the quality of your hair. In some cases we will recommend an in salon treatment to repair damage and restore luster.

standalone olaplex   $140.00(+retail)
kerasilk de frizz   $105.00(+retail)
goldwell dualsenses   $25.00
KMS primer   $30.00




Certain hair colours involve complicated application appointment times therefore cannot be booked or quoted over the telephone. A consultation booking is required prior to making your appointment to ensure enough time is allocated.

scalp bleach   consultation required
colour correction   consultation required
double process   consultation required





Whilst we’re all about natural styling, we know that there are some occasions in life where something a bit more polished is called for. shibui ‘dressed’ hair involves the styling of hair into a shape and texture that is not able to be achieved naturally. For the most part dressed hair or a hair-up or polished blow-dry, is required for an event or occasion which will often dictate the direction of the style. Whether it be round brush blow-drying, classic or casual up-styling or youthful braids, expect a result that will have a relaxed shibui feeling.

 The boring (but important) bits

Please note that not all of our cutters do ‘dressed’ hair.






frankie collard
polished blow dry
dressed hair
elisa de grandis
polished blow dry
dressed hair
understudy stylist
polished blow dry
dressed hair







In 2017 we partnered up with Sustainable Salons Australia. This resource recovery program is designed for the salon to achieve zero waste, reduce its carbon footprint, and implement sustainable work practices that benefit the local community.


Want to know more about shibui’s sustainability journey

So what are some of the programs your
visit will be contributing to?

» Your cut off hair will support charitable causes such as oil spill clean up projects, local community gardens and charitable wig making services.

» All the proceeds gained from recycling the salons metals such as foils, colour tubes, cans etc. will be donated to not-for-profit community based organisations that do a killer job helping humanity every day.

» Any left over hair colour will be recycled into new liquids.

» Once our tools (used to style your beautiful mane) reach their end of life they will be broken down and all valuable parts will be repurposed.

What does this mean for you?

Each time you visit our Sustainable Salon your service bill will include a small Green Fee of just $2.00 that will support the salon to keep its commitment to sustainability without compromising the quality service we offer you.

For more information, please visit www.sustainablesalons.com.au or ask us during your next visit.