cutting since 1994
“Being able to express myself as an individual through my work is such a privilege and shibui has enabled me to do just that. I believe that if the hair is cut with consideration for the natural texture then it shouldn’t require forced styling to achieve a result that works with ease every time. I love what we’re about, low fuss and understated beauty.”


cutting since 1993
“With nearly 30 years in the game, including 10 in one of London’s most awarded salons, it’s great being back in my native Melbourne with shibui. I love the freedom that comes with the shibui cutting culture, and am excited that my personal style motto ‘imperfection is perfection’ is understood and embraced.”


cutting since 1998
“I love to cut using my understanding of different hair types and textures for the best possible outcome for both the client and myself. It’s important and a joy for me to work with natural hair growth and texture to create a shape that accentuates the client’s needs and features.”


cutting hair since 2005
“Originally from UK , 6 years ago I travelled solo and found home across the pond in Melbourne. Sadly my English accent is fading and turning more Aussie by the day, could be a good thing could be a bad thing. I’ve been working as a cutter at Shibui for over 4 years but all up been hairdressing for 15…… I love my job and the people I’m surrounded by, they make my job a joy and a pleasure. Working with such freedom to create, I thrive to give not only great visual detail and end result but mostly quality hair that is beautiful and easy to maintain at home, low-fuss shibui hair.”


cutting & ‘dressing’
hair since 2010
“I always strive to introduce options to my clients. I aim for them to leave shibui feeling confident with the outcome, and comfortable about how my hair cut will evolve over the coming weeks and months. Your hair should reflect who you are.”


cutting hair since 2016 
“Embracing the Shibui ethos of working with natural form and texture has ignited a passion for me that I try to bring to each client. Having previously worked in other creative industries, I love the idea that at Shibui I am encouraged to design and create in ways that I had not previously explored. I am constantly inspired by the work I’m seeing around me each day and I aim to create hair for my clients that is effortless and worn with ease outside the salon.”

*Maternity Leave