colouring hair since 1995
“People are unique – no two heads of hair are the same. When I figured out that individuality was the true beauty, I then began to accept the unique and work with the natural to achieve the best results for my clients. Rather than over indulge with colour, my approach is to embrace natural depth adding personality to hair and using clever placement.”


colouring hair since 2006
“I get a great deal of joy being honest and straightforward with my clients, gaining their trust, and giving them a fresh insight into their hair. I believe colour should enhance hairs texture, allowing the natural lightening patterns to guide the way. I love creating beautiful colours that blend seamlessly, with subtle contrasting details that make all the difference.”


colouring hair since 1995
“My career as a specialist hair colourist has spanned more than 20 years. I have a creative and critical eye as well as the skill and science it takes to be a good colourist. My work is understated yet sophisticated which works well with the shibui philosophy and allows me to satisfy my clients’ lifestyle needs. Our signature freehand hair painting is what I love to do most.”


colouring hair since 2006
“As a colourist with over 10 years’ experience, I have come to learn that the best results are achieved when we work with our natural features and acknowledge our limitations. Simple tweaks and considered colour placement always adds the most outstanding visual outcome. Hair quality is always my priority which is a perfect fit with the shibui philosophy.”


colouring hair since 2006
“Like so many New Zealanders, Melbourne always had an appeal. After a 2 year stint in London I have now settled at shibui. I have always relished the diversity and innovation hairdressing offers but my passion has always been colour. At shibui I can specialize, something very few salons offer.”


Steph is our current understudy colourist.